Monday, February 20, 2017

Difference between a Callgirl, Girlfriend and Wife

Tell me the difference between a Callgirl, Girlfriend and Wife.

The whole class became silent till little Johnny put up his hand and answered:

Prepaid, Postpaid and Unlimited.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

When Bhakti enters WhatsApp

When Bhakti enters Food,
Food becomes Prasad..!!

When Bhakti enters Hunger,
Hunger becomes a Fast…!!

When Bhakti enters Water,
Water becomes Charanamrit…!!

When Bhakti enters Travel,
Travel becomes a Pilgrimage…!!

When Bhakti enters Music,
Music becomes Kirtan…!!

When Bhakti enters a House,
House becomes a Temple…!!

When Bhakti enters Actions,
Actions become Services…!!

When Bhakti enters in Work,
Work becomes Karma…!!

When Bhakti enters a Man,
Man becomes Human…!!

When Bhakti enters WhatsApp,
Chat becomes Satsang..!!

Funny Message - Husband was sipping his whisky

Husband was sipping his whisky, while sitting on the balcony with wife and he says,
"I love you so much,
I don't know how I could ever live without you."

Wife asks, "Is that you, or the whisky talking?"
Husband replies,
"It's me..... talking to whisky.

I had a Date on Valentines Day - Funny Message

Eat a 'Date' (Khajoor) on 14th February....At least you can say truthfully that "I had a DATE on Valentines Day"!!


Dedicated to all single guys & girls.

What is love? - Valentines Day Message

Happy valentine week to all😊

What is love?

Love is when my mom kisses me and says mera bachha lakhon me ek hai...

Love is when you come back from work and dad says 'arey beta! aaj bohot der ho gai

Love is when ur bhabhi says ' hey hero ladki dekhi hai tere liya, koi aur pasand ho tou bata dena'

Love is when ur brother says ' bhai tu tension na le, main hu na tere saath

Love is when you r  Moodless and your sis says ' chal bhai kahi ghoom kay aatein hai

Love is when ur best friend hugs you and says' abe tere bagair mazaa nahi aata yar....

These all are best moments of love.....don't miss them in life.

Love is not only having a bf or gf.

Love you all who have been a special part of my life...........

Its love,
when a little girl puts her energy to give dad a head massage.

Its love,
when a wife makes tea for husband and take a sip before him.

Its love,
when a mother gives her son the best piece of cake.

Its love,
when ur friend holds your hand tightly on a slippery

Its love,
when your brother messages you and asks did you reach home on time..

Love 💕 is not just a guy holding a girl and going around the city.

Love when you send a small msg to your friends to make them smile

Luv 💕 is actually a name of "care"..

Happy Valentines Day