Saturday, June 16, 2018

Must read very useful Tips - How to give a Shine to your Hair, How to get rid of ants

Must read very useful:

           MIGHT HAVE NOT 
           KNOWN And NEED 
           TO KNOW !!

🐜  Ants Problem:
       Ants hate Cucumbers. 
       "KEEP the skin of 
        Cucumbers near the 
        Place where they are
        or at Ant Hole.   

 🎆  To make the Mirror 
        "Clean with Sprite"
  💨 To remove Chewing 
        Gum from Clothes:
        "Keep the Cloth in 
        the Freezer for One 
💭   To Whiten White 
        "Soak White Clothes 
        in hot water with a 
        Slice of Lemon for 10 
 🙇  To give a Shine to 
        your Hair: 
        "Add one Teaspoon 
        of Vinegar to Hair, 
        then wash Hair"
 🍋  To get maximum 
        Juice out of Lemons:
        "Soak Lemons in Hot 
        Water for One Hour, 
        and then juice them" 
🍞  To avoid smell of 
       Cabbage while 
       "Keep a piece of 
        Bread on the 
        Cabbage in the 
        Vessel while cooking"
👕  To remove Ink from 
       "Put Toothpaste 🍥 
       on the Ink Spots 
       generously and let it 
       dry completely, then 
🐀  To get rid of Mice or 
       "Sprinkle Black 
       Pepper in places 
       where you find Mice & 
       Rats. They will run 

 🍸 Take Water Before 
       "About 90% of Heart 
       Attacks occur Early in 
       the Morning & it can 
       be reduced if one 
       takes a Glass or two 
       of Water before going 
       to bed at Night"

 💐 We Know Water is 
       important but never 
       knew about the 
       Special Times one 
       has to drink it.. !!

       Did you  ???  

 💦 Drinking Water at the 
       Right Time ⏰ 
       Maximizes its 
       effectiveness on the 
       Human Body;

       1⃣  1 Glass of Water 
              after waking up -
             🕕⛅ helps to 
              activate internal 

       2⃣  1 Glass of Water 
              30 Minutes  🕧 
              before a Meal - 
              helps digestion..

       3⃣ 1 Glass of Water 
              before taking a 
              Bath 🚿 - helps 
              lower your blood 

       4⃣ 1 Glass of Water 
              before going to 
              Bed - 🕙 avoids 
              Stroke  or Heart 

      'When someone 
       shares something of 
       value with you and 
       you benefit from  it, 
       You have a moral 
       obligation to share it 
       with others too.'

I have done mine...😄
send this to three groups and see the  magic.the tortoise will pass the horse.

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